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Monday, December 6, 2010

Trier Germany

We are staying in the outskirts of Trier in Germany.  Quiet and peaceful and providing a well earned rest for our little man.

Germany is so different to France, which is only a short ride away.  As our 5 year old put it, France is fancy!  And so it is.  France is stylish and quiet and so well mannered.  Children walk into stores and don't touch, they don't shout, they don't make a fuss (not sure how those French parents manage it).  I must say, I do really love France.

Germany is louder, noisier and more lively.  Trier is a very pretty place.  The Old Town is full of history, Trier being Gemany's oldest city and home to Roman ruins that are older than Rome!  Shopping is fantastic (yes I am posting a box home tomorrow) and prices are amazing!  I have found the most amazing travel bags which I will be searching out when I arrive home.

1 comment:

  1. Snow, snow, everywhere! Is it amazingly cold? How did you go getting warm winter things in Brisbane? :)